Many students and retirees work as temporary workers because of their flexibility, and sometimes, especially among university students, you might want to consider hiring them on a long-term basis, for example. B if you can finish school and offer more hours. In this case, you should consider temporary work. A temporary agency worker is usually recruited for a period of about six months or more. During this period, the employee`s status remains on the personnel agency`s salary list, allowing employers to assess the candidate`s performance before committing to hiring them full-time or opting for another person. For example, if you run a department store and hire a temporary worker for a year, both parties understand that if something comes up, you call. They will use it much more at Christmas than in October. Even if a temporary position doesn`t work in the long run, the deal is still beneficial for both parties. For the worker, a temporary position can serve as an impressive CV enhancer. On the other hand, a temp agency to recruit an employee can get productivity gains that it sorely needs during your company`s most busy season.

Check out our job openings and start looking for a contract-to-hire role. Members have access to it every day. Not a member yet? Register today! The Ministry of Labour considers a staff member whose term of office lasts one year or less to be temporary. Temporary jobs are often available for a wide variety of reasons and allow employers to get the help they need without having to include new employees on the pay slip. As a rule, there is a deadline or deadline related to temporary work, which marks the end of the working time agreed by the employer and the worker. Whenever you make a contract with someone, you should always have a written contract. (The same applies to the posts of independent contractors). Temporary workers benefit entrepreneurs because they fill the gaps in the workforce in times of distress.

For workers, temporary representations offer a short-term opportunity to get paid if you`re most needed – these conditions often offer workers a bit of extra bargaining power and the ability to choose the positions they want to work. . . .

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